Business game "Sustainable Management at McClean"

Detailed description of the Good Practice

The business game is a method that falls into the category of experimental learning. It is important, however, that participants take their roles and actions seriously. in order to achieve this introducing and preparing the roles is vital. The business game provides a learning opportunity which cannot be achieved in the classroom under "normal" conditions. Participants get to experience the company as a system. the business game "Sustainable Management at McClean" focuses on the action inside the company. During the course of the game this is greatly influenced by a citizens' action committee, the press as well as political players. The company's management and employees all start out with individual predeterminated attitude towards environmental and sustainability-related issues. It is not important whether a sustainable management scheme is actually introduced in the end (after 2 days). What counts is that participants understand the process and the reason for decisions.

ecological education
awareness raising
sustainable consumption

Objectives of the Good Practice

to provides a learning opportunity which cannot be achieved in the classroom under "normal" conditions, to create a situation that can vividly show the process of sustainable management

Participants of the Good Practice


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More Details of the Good Practice

The business game can be played with participant numbers ranging from 22-38. It is important to be away from university grounds for the two-day period, distraction maybe too great otherwise. It has proven sensible to plan an overnight so as to minimize the "forgetting one's past". Post-processing requires and should include an in-depth analysis of the experience of the game, how the characters were experienced and conclusions related to the implementation of sustainability into the corporate context should be drawn

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Learning for Sustainable Future
Innovative solutions from the Baltic Sea region, the Baltic University Press, 2008
Editors Liisa Rohweder
Anne Virtanen