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Polish Energie-Cités Network PNEC

Detailed description of the Good Practice


  • 22 seminars on Renewable Energy, Transfer of Knowledge and Technologies for Regional Innovation, Strategies
  • Open days: School Buildings Integrated Energy Development Operation
  • Conferences: Energy labels for school buildings; Structural Funds, Best practices
  • Workshops: Model Local Partnership for Sustainable Energy Development, redirecting urban development towards sustainable energy (RUSE)
  • Study tours and hosting staff: RUSE
  • Help desk providing information about the use of SF
  • Guide books: “Energy management in school buildings” (5,000 copies), “Renewable energy resources in Malopolska Region” (1,000 copies)

Communication tools:

  • Website, best practice database
  • Leaflets: “Energy labels for school buildings”, RUSE, SMART
  • 15 poster exhibitions – Model Local Partnership for the Sustainable Energy Development
  • CD ROMs including inter alia 170 descriptions of best practice of renewable energy use in 19 EU countries (10,000 copies), “Energy and environmental management, creation of Public-Social Partnership” (10,000 copies), “Structural Funds for development – best practices” (10,000 copies), “Improving Energy Efficiency through Structural Funds?” (3,000 copies) etc.

energy efficiency
renewable sources of energy
awareness raising

Objectives of the Good Practice

PNEC activities aim at the promotion of energy efficiency, renewable energy and the creation of integrated municipal development strategies, including renewable energy and the rational use of energy. PNEC is also actively involved in several awareness raising campaigns stimulating environmental consciousness among the population.

Participants of the Good Practice

Polish Energie-Cités Network

Target group of the Good Practice

local authorities, businesses and citizens

Funding of the Good Practice

Polish Energie-Cités Network

More Details of the Good Practice

Achieved results include inter alia the auditing of 16 school buildings, the application of energy labels: 30,6% energy saved (Dzierżoniow), the thermo-modernisation of five school buildings, 65% CO2 emission avoided (Raciechowice), the thermo-modernisation and use of biomass in a school building: 67% energy saved (Janów), the thermo-modernisation of the public utility buildings and the promotion of biomass district heating: 1 MW heating plant using straw and willow biomass (Świerzawa)reation of ten internship/probation positions in private companies (6 months each) for graduates from academies in Malopolska Region, the creation of seven new jobs etc.

Documentation and documents


Available files

Contact details

Maria STANKIEWICZ, Director, Association of Municipalities Polish Network “Energie-Cités”
Tel : +48 012 429 17 95 / Fax : +48 012 429 17 93
E-mail: biuro@pnec.org.pl / Website: www.pnec.org.pl

Data sources and references

Energy Cities
(Accessed June, 4, 2010)