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Car-sharing potential in Finnish cities

Detailed description of the Good Practice

A recent study highlights a large demand for car-sharing in Finland, and suggests that by 2020 more than 30,000 Finns could be car-sharing, with the greatest potential in major cities such as Helsinki, Turku and Tampere.

Currently there is only one car-sharing operator in Finland, operating in the Helsinki metropolitan region, although, it is planned to lauch similar schemes in other major cities of Turku and Tampere very soon.

It is estimated that if the current rate of growth in car-sharing continues there could be nearly 30,000 users in the Helsinki region and several thousand in other cities such as Turku and Tampere by 2020. In the longer run the amount of potential users of car-sharing in Finland could potentially rise to 70,000 by 2030.

The study points out also that if the popularity of car-sharing develops to its full potential in the Helsinki metropolitan region, the amount of private cars in the region could correspondingly decrease by up to 10,000, by 2020.

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Objectives of the Good Practice

to develop a car-sharing system in Finland

Participants of the Good Practice

Municipality of Helsinki, Tampere and Turku

Target group of the Good Practice


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Data sources and references

European Local Transport Information Service
(Accessed February, 28, 2011)