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Plans for Health Impact Assessment in Dresden


Detailed description of the Good Practice

Policy makers and those who conduct other appraisals understand the importance of assessment of development of health determinants in the scope of policy decisions. Health is now considered in planning and projects in the city.

1. Briefings to spread awareness about HIA in the City
Creating working group (staff from departments, politicians and scien-tists)to support the work on HIA
January 2006


WHO/HIA Toolkit was translated in German language
Meet and negotiate with above called working group the conception of training programme
July 2006


Development and facilitation of two day HIA training programme
Win a HIA specialist (through the WHO HIA SN) who would be willing to contribute to the training event
October 2006


Arrange two day HIA training event in the city for politicians and planners, according to WHO Toolkit
December 2006


2. Elaborate a report about the results of the HIA event with recommendations for conducting future HIAs
Politicians who attended the HIA training programme will identify proposal on which a HIA will be conducted
March 2007


Realization of the proposal (in cooperation with scientists) and making recommendations for minimising negative health impacts and strengthening positive health impacts


3. Production of HIA case studies report outlining successes and barriers in implementing the HIA results
Identify another proposal on which an HIA will be conducted
July 2007


4. Evidence of health determinants included in impact assessments being carried out in the city Negotiated a process of mainstreaming conducting health impact assessment in the city on relevant policies and plans

More Details of the Good Practice

Available files

Contact details

Claudia Kasimir
Healthy City Project Coordinator

Dezernat Gesundheit und Soziales
Landeshauptstadt Dresden
Postfach 120020
D-01001 Dresden
Tel: +49 351 488 2154
Fax: +49 351 488 2282
E-mail: CKasimir@Dresden.de

Data sources and references


Baltic Region Healthy Cities Association
WHO Collaborating Centre for Healthy Cities and Urban Health in the Baltic Region