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Improving the safety adn environmental aspects of the Ice Stadium


Detailed description of the Good Practice

The project was aimed to develop an integrated operational management system for the ice stadium in Vaasa. The system was developed based on the ISO 14001 environmental management system standard. In addition to environmental aspects, also safety and occupational health aspects were included in the system. Systematisation of work clarified the responsibilities and mandates of the personnel, helped to eliminate overlapping tasks. The personnel was able to formulate aims that could be accepted by all.The construction of the operational system was carried out based on the participatory principles. The aim was to provide the persons working in the ice stadium with the opportunity to plan their own work and thus genuinely shape their work contents.The integrated environmental management system for the Vaasa Ice Stadium was finalised in November 2000. That time was carried out the preliminary auditing of the system. The system fulfill the requirements set in the SFS-EN ISO 14001 standard for environmental management system. The system was after that officially audited, and on the 5th of April, 2001, Vaasa Ice Stadium became the first ice stadium or sports hall in the world to receive the ISO 14001 certificate.

Another part of the project was the environmental, safety and occupational health programma which should be set up for the ice hockey team.
The main needs were charted. The most urgent needs were found on the following fields: vigilance, first aid and rescue, cleaning services and waste management. These aspects are related with the activities during matches and traning in the Ice Stadium.

  • environmental management systems
  • ISO 14001

Objectives of the Good Practice

The overall aim of the project Environment and Competitive Sports was to improve the safety and environmental aspects of Vaasa Ice Stadium in favour of everyone – the users of the stadium, the people working in it, and the society around it

Participants of the Good Practice

Municipal Federation Vaasanseudun Urheiluhallit (owner of Vaasa Ice Stadium)
Vaasa Ice Stadium personnel
ARGES Environmental Oy (consulting company
Vaasan Sport ry (ice hockey team
Padella Oy (catering company acting in the Ice Stadium)

More Details of the Good Practice

Available files

Contact details

Ms. Riitta Niemelä
Vaasa Polytechnic
Wolffintie 30
FIN-65200 Vaasa, FINLAND
Tel. +358-6-326 3264
Fax. +358-6-326 3112
E-mail: riitta.niemela@puv.fi

Data sources and references

UBC Environmental Award 2001