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Creativity in Trondheim and Keren


Detailed description of the Good Practice

Since 1992, the two Trondheim suburbs of Heimdal and Tiller have had a friendship link with Keren, the second largest city in Ertirea. In 2001, the whole City of Trondheim joined in as the Norwegian partner. Schools, congregations, unions, organisations of women and young people as well as arts clubs have involved themselves in this project, as well as the two municipalities. Cultural exchange is a central element. In 1995, schoolchildren in Keren and Trondheim made different works of art under the theme "Birds".

The woman who took the initiative, Inger Hasselø, went on in 1997 to launch the art project "Play and creativity shown by using materials around us". She got the idea during a trip to Eritrea, where she noticed how kids made their own toys. They made things out of rubbish, like advanced toys and sandals from old tyres. These children developed skills and insights into craft traditions that Norwegian children miss. Norwegian kids develop too little creativity, because they have had too much given to them, claims Hasselø. She has held «workshops» both in Norway and in Eritrea for pupils, teachers and artists, and claims that children have kept their awareness of local materials.
In 1999, the Trondheim waste management department donated three rubbish collecting vehicles to Keren. Both parties stress the importance of mutual exchange of experiences in their relationship. In the long term, their aim is to make people better able to take care of nature and their environment

sustainable consumption

Objectives of the Good Practice

The aim of the project was to stimulate this awareness and thus work for environmental consciousness, solidarity, knowledge and understanding. In the longer term, its aim is to make people more able to take care of their surroundings and nature.

Participants of the Good Practice

Schools, congregations, unions, organisations of women and young people as well as arts clubs

Target group of the Good Practice


More Details of the Good Practice

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Contact details

John Smidt
Friendship Trondheim--Keren
Address c/o Jon Smidt, Nertrøa 10, 7080 Heimdal
Telephone +47-72 84 59 82

Data sources and references

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