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Detailed description of the Good Practice

Norges Miljøvernforbund, a Norwegian environmental organisation, has since 1994 made money from selling waste. After an agreement made with the Bergen regional waste disposal company, they set up their own container at the city dump in Rådalen. People can put everything into this container, from clothes to household equipment to bikes and refrigerators. In general used products that otherwise would have ended up directly in the dump. When the container is full, it is transported to the "Eco-market", now located in a historic building near the city centre. There, 5-6 people work sorting and repairing the products before they are presented for sale.

As the "Eco-market" has become better known, people have started coming there directly instead of going by the city dump. In addition the organisation offers to do demolition jobs, from where materials back to the "Eco market" for sale. Sales were soon able to finance a lot of Miljøvernforbundet's other activities.

The success in Bergen inspired them to set up shop in Oslo as well in 1997, along the same lines - with containers at the city dump and a market in an old timber mart near the city centre, which is now selling "rubbish" for 80-130.000 NOK (€ 11-17.000) a month. Recently Miljøvernforbundet also started trading used building materials via the Internet.

sustainable consumption

Objectives of the Good Practice

avoid and reduce waste
increase re-use and recycling

Participants of the Good Practice

Norges Miljøvernforbund - Norwegian environmental organisation

Target group of the Good Practice


Funding of the Good Practice

Sales income and government job creation funds

More Details of the Good Practice

Documentation and documents

Available files

Contact details

Norges Miljøvernforbund
Address Pb. 593 Sentrum, N-5806 Bergen
Telephone +47-55 31 71 00
Telefax +47-55 31 81 60
E-mail nmfnorge@online.no

Data sources and references

http://idebanken.no/english/Goodexamples/hoved.html (Accessed April, 9, 2009)