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Pupils clean up Norwegian community


Detailed description of the Good Practice

In 2001, a class of 15-16 year old pupils at Hareid Lower secondary School mapped all the rubbish lying around in their community - a municipality of 4700 inhabitants on the west coast of Norway. They found 31 tons of it - including a number of car wrecks - and registered it all on maps as they found it. They then interviewed council officers to find out whose land it was lying on, and contacted the owners, offering to remove the rubbish. They had made a deal in advance with Franzefoss, a recycling firm, who were willing to collect, sort and recycle whatever the pupils turned up with. Franzefoss has an ISO 14000 certification.

The campaign was a great suceess not just for the environment, but also socially and pedagogically. The teachers had considered these pupils a "problem" class, but they took to the job with great enthusiasm. They got fit by biking around Hareid looking for rubbish, they learnt to read maps and they gained new insight into the workings of the local council. The campaign was also an eye-opener for the local council itself. Quite a lot of the rubbish turned up to be on its own land. Council officers and politicians were therefore roundly told off by the pupils. In fact, the campaign probably removed a good deal more than 31 tons of rubbish. The media attention i attracted made quite a few private landowners clean up on their own account, rather than risking a negative write-up when the pupils arrived on their land.

The school has later followed up by establishing a pupil-led enterprise that collects, repairs and sells used goods.

ecological education

Objectives of the Good Practice

cleaning of the Hareid community
raising of ecological awareness of pupils

Participants of the Good Practice

Hareid Lower secondary School

Target group of the Good Practice

Hareid Lower secondary School pupils

Funding of the Good Practice

Contribution of 20.000 NOK (€ 2700) by Møre og Romsdal county government

More Details of the Good Practice

Documentation and documents

Available files

Contact details

Gunn Berit Gjerde (Mayor of Hareid)
Hareid municipality
Address Rådhuset, N-6060 Hareid
Telephone +47-70 09 50 00

Data sources and references

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