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Second-hand sales soar in Nittedal


Detailed description of the Good Practice

The second-hand shop in Nittedal near Oslo had a modest start, but has become a great success. Its turnover in 1998 was 60.000 kroner. Just three years later, this had growm to 1 million kroner (€ 130.000). The 700 square metre-shop is part of the Nittedal Job Training Centre (NOA) which is run by the municipality.

NOA as such was started in 1993, and has a whole chain of activities - a recycling yard, a repair workshop, an "eco-patrol" besides the shop itself - which offer jobs to people who need a "halfway house" before they can compete in the ordinary labour market. The recycling yard is a place where people can deliver old furniture and appliances, as well as rubbish from the garden and hazardous waste. Here, the whole lot is sorted and things that are fit for repair are sent on to the workshop, and later sold through the second-hand shop. The "eco-patrol" is a mobile team that does everything from clearing away rubbish to sampling water quality in local rivers and streams. NOA has also arranged two courses in home composting. Today, its premises also house a Volunteer Centre and a women's group.

Each year about 60 people get job training through NOA. NOA has succeeded in setting a spotlight on some of the problems caused by consumer society, while showing that alternative and environmentally sound approaches can work. In 2000, the centre won the local "Environment Prize" of the year

sustainable consumption
awareness raising

Objectives of the Good Practice

to show alternative and environmentally sound approaches

Participants of the Good Practice

The second-hand shop
Nittedal Job Training Centre (NOA)

Target group of the Good Practice


More Details of the Good Practice

Documentation and documents

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Contact details

Nittedal municipality
Address Moveien 1, 1482 Nittedal
Telephone +47-67 05 90 00
Telefax +47-67 07 22 70
E-mail postmottak@nittedal.kommune.no

Name Nittedal Opplærings- og Arbeidstreningssenter (NOA) (Jiob training centre)
Address Gamle Glitrevei 11, 1488 Hakadal
Connected to Nittedal municipality
Telephone +47-67 06 41 00
Telefax +47-67 06 41 01

Data sources and references

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