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Turku city online citizens web forum


Detailed description of the Good Practice

Engaging citizens in the debate about the city and it's development and services. All inhabitants of the municipality have the right to share their point of view on the development of the operations of the municipality. By going online the threshold for citizens to participate in the discussion and or suggest issues to the community decreases.


Objectives of the Good Practice

To engage the citizens in Turku in the discussion and make it easy for them to partake. Ongoing.

Participants of the Good Practice

Citizens online.

Target group of the Good Practice

Citizens and City officials.

More Details of the Good Practice

Online forum.

Documentation and documents

City of Turku http://www.turku.fi/Public/default.aspx?contentid=105086

Available files

Contact details

City of Turku
PB 355, FI-20101 Turku, Finland
Yliopistonkatu 27a
fax +358 2 262 7229

Data sources and references

City of Turku http://www.turku.fi/Public/default.aspx?contentid=105086 (Accessed April, 15, 2009)