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Establishing an Environmental Board


Detailed description of the Good Practice

The project presents combination of environmental and administrational matters in new aspects - from protection of biodiversity in the most valuable natural territories to creating of new valuable tool for environmental protection.

The project was proposed and implemented through the “ bottom up” method. It was initiated by the group of enthusiasts who decided to investigate and undertake remedial work on one of the most unique natural objects of Cesis city – the Winter Valley.
During the project implementation essential educational work within the local community was made. As a result, a lot of people improved their knowledge of and skills for the maintenance of the territory from biological and esthetical point of view.
The idea of the establishment of Environmental Development Board (EDB) in Cesis grew out of these voluntary activities. It got support of local environmental activists and was also encouraged by the local municipality.
The EDB was officially founded with a decision of Cēsis City Council in the spring of 2002. Within a year, the EDB has become one of the most highly regarded boards of Cēsis City Council.

The result of the project:
• The landscape of the city has been improved,
• Biodiversity has been improved and restoration of ecosystems and diversity of their natural composition has been made;
• The work of EDB has been acknowledged in the state level.

 The EDB consists of:

• administration officers of the Cesis City Council – the landscape architect, the environmental officer, the executive director, the architect of the city, the Head of communal department,
• Representative of NGOs-
• Entrepreneurs: managers of the local green areas;
• Representatives of the public administration: Board of Environmental Protection; Monument Protection Board, Administration of the Gauja National Park.


The EDB get together one time per months and it is a voluntary board. The meetings are recorded and minutes are distributed to the stakeholders.

The EDB focuses largely on the following priorities:
• Designing of landscape passing main roads in the city;
• Evaluation of reconstruction projects of the city parks;
• Preparation of resolutions for the development plan of the city;
• Protected territories of local signification are in to the highlight;
• Development of the management plans for the protected territories;
• Education of local community on the environmental issues;
All activities of EDB will allow us to plan the development of the environment in the future

  • environmental protection
  • biodiversity
  • environmental administration
  • governance

Objectives of the Good Practice

The main objectives of the project are:
• to promote the improvement of biodiversity in the protected territories and recreational areas;
• to promote the development of landscape in the city;
• to improve the institutional capacity of city administration;
• to develop management strategies for both threatened and commonly occurring species and their habitats;
• to educate the community on biodiversity

Timeframe: 1999-2004

Participants of the Good Practice

administration officers, representatives of NGOs, entrepreneurs, representatives of the public administration

Target group of the Good Practice

The project was aimed for the city administration

More Details of the Good Practice

Available files

Contact details

Inta Adamsone,
Environmental officer,
Development Planning Department,
Cēsis, Raunas street 4, tel. +37124702, fax, +37124571

Data sources and references

UBC Environmental Award 2003