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Ecolabelled fish


Detailed description of the Good Practice

Some Danish fishermen have joined together in a network to promote ecologically sensitive ways of fishing. The idea was born when the "Living Seas" association (see separate artcle) held a workshop on the topic "Are ecologically sound fisheries conceivable?". A group of enthusiasts created the "Eco-Fishermens' Network" (FØN) and sailed all around the Danish coast, visiting 123 harbours, where they interviewed and discussed with other fishermen. The large amount of material gathered through these interviews formed the basis of a report: "Fishermen on Fish and Fishing", written by students at Roskilde University, and then a set of "Rules for environmentally sensitive fishing", drawn up by FØN.

So far 31 independent fishermen have obliged themselves to abide by these rules. They include an obligation to use gear that does minimal harm to sea-bottom fauna, to minimise catches of undersized fish and unwanted species, and to improve the fuel efficiency of fishing operations. FØN also campaign against marine pollution. They are opposed to marine aquaculture. Fish caught by members of the FØN network is marketed with a special ecolabel saying "Environmentally Sensitive Fisheries". Their products are available from shops in many Danish towns, and can also be ordered over the Internet.

sustainable consumption
promotion of biodiversity

Objectives of the Good Practice

to promote ecologically sensitive ways of fishing

Participants of the Good Practice

"Eco-Fishermens' Network"

Target group of the Good Practice


More Details of the Good Practice

Documentation and documents

Available files

Contact details

Knud Andersen, knud@ecofishery.com
Landsforeningen Levende Hav (The Living Seas Association)
Address Kattegatvej 3, DK-8500 Grenå
Telephone +45-87 58 07 55
Telefax +45-87 58 07 56
E-mail llh@levende-hav.dk
WEB-address http://www.levende-hav.dk/

Data sources and references

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