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Mapping resources in Flora


Detailed description of the Good Practice

In the Krokane district of Flora in West Norway, the local council in 1996-98 joined forces with a community group to map human and physical resources in the community. Almost everything was covered: who lived there, what vocational training and what hobbies they had, what community groups, organizations and municipal institutions existed, what businesses, buildings, equipment, open land and so on.

It turned out that the district had a lot of resources that might be put to better use. For instance, the school, the kindergarten and the old people's home were all using some of the same kinds of equipment, but not at the same time. Because they belonged to different municipal departments, no-one had thought of co-ordinating them. Instead of buying three items, they could have made do with one.

Something similar applied to the use of buildings. Quite minor adjustments would have made it possible for several organizations to use one existing buildings, rather than building their own. For instance, the school could double as a youth club and a venue for cultural evenings. The laundry at the old people's home had spare capacity to serve people living alone with no washing machine of their own.

Yet the most important resources that were discovered were simply human. Most people had a hobby - be it painting, woodworking or playing the piano. Fit pensioners were willing to help out at the kindergarten, while schoolpupils could help the less fit clear snow from their driveways. Kindergarten children could entertain at the old people's home, while a company manager was very interested in directing school theater performances. The project also showed that normally constrained human resources could be liberated - for instance, single mothers could contribute more to community activities if their children could spend one night a week at the youth club.

Although the Krokane project as such has been concluded, Flora municipality has gone on thinking along the same lines. When they recently built a new school in another part of the municipality, it was designed not only to double as a kindergarten and as a venue for community activities in the evening, but also to be easily converted into an old people's home at a later stage, when the age composition of the community in question might have changed.

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Objectives of the Good Practice

to map human and physical resources in the community

Participants of the Good Practice

citizens of Flora
municipality of Flora

Target group of the Good Practice

citizens of Flora

More Details of the Good Practice

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Contact details

Gunnar Frøland
Flora municipality
AddressStrandgata 30, 6900 Florø
Connected toNorwegian Association of Local Government
DescriptionMunicipality in Sogn og Fjordane County (11.000 innb.)
Telefax+47-57 74 38 39

Data sources and references

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