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Eco-audit for each neighbourhood


Detailed description of the Good Practice

"No-one can longer ignore the need for well-directed action against consumption growth. But stopping growth is not enough. Major reductions in energy and resource consumption are needed, and we must find new methods of production." The words are those of the Mayor of the Copenhagen suburb of Albertslund, introducing the 1996 edition of the municipality's "Green Accounts". The local eco-auditing system was cited when Albertlund won "The European Sustainable City Award" for the same year.

Since 1995, the "Green Accounts" have comprised three volumes each year. The first is an anually updted version of Albertslund's Local Agenda 21; the second presents data on emissions, waste production, energy consumption etc. by municipal departments; and the third presents corresponding data for businesses and residential areas.

A special feature of Albertslund's reporting - apart from the clear graphical presentation - is the fact that data are broken down by neighbourhood, so that each neighborhood can not only compare (say) its electricity consumption to last year's, but also to that of some 60 other neighbourhoods in Albertslund. This accords with the call made in Albertslund's Local Agenda 21 on each neighbourhood to work out and implement its own - even more local - LA 21. Neighbourhoods representing 40 % of the 30.000 inhabitants have already done so.

In 2000 a new feature was added to the "Green Accounts" - separate folders for each neighbourhood, which are distributed to all their households and show the spead of energy and water consumption among individual households within the neighbourhood. Although dwellings within each neighbourhood in Albertslund are often identical, the folders show that their consumption of electricity as well as district heat typically varies by factors of 5 to 10. In other words, there is an enormous potential for energy savings among the high consumers, simply through changes in behaviour.

sustainable consumption
energy efficiency
eco-auditing system

Objectives of the Good Practice

to reduce energy and resource consumption

Participants of the Good Practice

municipality of Albertslund

Target group of the Good Practice

neighbourhoods of Albertslund

Funding of the Good Practice

Albertslund municipality

More Details of the Good Practice

Documentation and documents

Stiftelsen Idebanken http://idebanken.no/english/Goodexamples/hoved.html

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Contact details

Thorvald Ovesen

NameAlbertslund kommune
AddressPostboks 56, DK-2620 Albertslund
Connected toKommunernes Landsforening
Telephone+45-43 68 68 68
Telefax+45-43 64 90 90

Data sources and references

Stiftelsen Idebanken http://idebanken.no/english/Goodexamples/hoved.html (Accessed April 13, 2009)