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Exhibition of local futures in Nesodden


Detailed description of the Good Practice

In 1998-99, all the 15.000 residents of Nesodden near Oslo were invited to tell what they would like the community to be like in 10 to 30 years. The project was started by the "Nesodden Local Agenda 21 Group" - an informal citizens' initiative - and supported by the local council. The invitation took the shape of a colourful folder with a lot of mind-opening questions. People were, however, free to answer questions all of their own.

The project resulted in 13 visions of the future - in writing and/or drawings. Five were submitted by community groups, four by schools and four by individuals. The ideas ranged from a well-developed LETS economy to a tram line with lavishly decorated carriages running from the quay (from which a ferry route links Nesodden to Oslo) up to the water tower. On one occasion a Future Workshop was held to generate still more ideas. During the spring and autumn of 1999 the contributions were exhibited at the town hall, at the library and a community centre and discussed in the local media. They have also been collected in a report on the visioning process, which was published in 2000.

citizen democracy
sustainable development

Objectives of the Good Practice

to find out what visions the population of Nesodden about the future of their municipality are

Participants of the Good Practice

Nesodden municipality

Target group of the Good Practice

citizens of Nesodden municipality

Funding of the Good Practice

Nesodden municipality

More Details of the Good Practice

Documentation and documents

Stiftelsen Idebanken http://idebanken.no

Available files

Contact details

Working group for Local Agenda 21 in Nesodden
Address c/o Per Herman Krøger
Telephone +47-66 91 12 79

Data sources and references

Stiftelsen Idebanken http://idebanken.no/english/Goodexamples/hoved.html (Accessed April 13, 2009)