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Direct democracy in Örebro


Detailed description of the Good Practice

In Örebro in Central Sweden, several thousands of the 120.000 inhabitants have during the past few years begun to take direct charge of their neighbourhoods and of municipal services. A programme called "Medborgarnas Örebro" (The citizens' Örebro") was adopted by the municipality in 1996 and has been put into effect with the help of an organisation called CESAM (The Centre for Social Work and Mobilisation). The goal of the programme is that the people involved and affected (e.g. parents in the case of schools and kindergartens, dwellers and their famileis in the case of care institutions, sports clubs and other groups who use municipal facilities, people in their own neighbourhoods) should have a bigger say about how things are run.

citizen democracy

Objectives of the Good Practice

The goal of the programme is to involve people in planning and decision-making and to develop citizens' democracy

Participants of the Good Practice

Örebro municipality

Target group of the Good Practice

citizens of Örebro municipality

Funding of the Good Practice

Örebro municipality

More Details of the Good Practice

During each of the four years since the programme started, some one hundred local meeetings and workshops, with 1500-2000 participants, have been organised to launch new forms of particpatory democracy. As a result, elected local boards have been established at two thirds of the 60 schools in Örebro and about ten kindergartens, while less formal kinds of participation operate at the rest. Seven "neighbourhood councils" have been established, and the politically appointed councils in the 14 city districts of Örebro have regular consultations with citizens as well as employees.

Documentation and documents

Stiftelsen Idebanken http://idebanken.no

Available files

Contact details

CESAM (Centrum för samhällsarbete och mobilisering)
Address Rudbecksgatan 28, S-702 23 Örebro
Connected to Combined European Bureau for Social Development (CEBSD)
Description Stiftelse, kompetanse- og rådgivningssenter for frivillig arbeid, samvirke og demokratiutvikling
Telephone +46-19-17 07 50
Telefax +46-19 17 07 53

Name Örebro municipality
Address P.O. Box 300 00, S-701 35 Örebro, Sweden
Connected to Swedish Association of Municipalities
Telephone +46-19-21 10 00
Telefax +46-19-21 11 04
E-mail orebro.kommun@orebro.se
WEB-address http://www.orebro.se

Data sources and references

Stiftelsen Idebanken http://idebanken.no/english/Goodexamples/hoved.html (Accessed April 13, 2009)