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Detached Houses of the Future


Detailed description of the Good Practice

The project Detached Houses of the Future shows, that eco-friendly low energy houses can be anything from a traditional villa or detached house to modern architecture. The project aims to make energy- and eco-friendly detached houses obtainable to the common Dane and to improve the capabilities of the danish construction industry.

eco-friendly low energy houses

Objectives of the Good Practice

The Detached Houses of the Future project will, through a life size exhibition, have around 64 different detached houses together with 12 terraced houses. This will demonstrate it is possible to build and live in energy- and environmentally efficient detached houses near the city - without having to be a self-builder and without reducing the comforts and the constructional qualities of the traditional housing.

Project start date: 25/02/2008

Participants of the Good Practice

All parts of the building project Detached Houses of the Future, are developed in dialogue with focus on interdisciplinary learning. Thus experiences from the construction industry, scientist, city planners, the municipality and counselors are utilised to secure the best result.

Target group of the Good Practice

The project is primarily beneficial for the environment and the future residents of the detached houses.

More Details of the Good Practice

  • Houses with real residents;
  • The demonstration of low energy housing is available to all Danes;
  • Experiences with environmental- and energy-labelled houses both for the construction industry and the buyers;
  • Expansions of the standard housing companies/construction industries catalogues featuring energy- and eco-friendly houses;
  • Documentation of the energy consumption in the houses: Theoretically and in practice;
  • Knowledge of the wishes and behaviour of the residents;
  • Experiences with developing a district plan in dialogue with the construction industry.

Documentation and documents

http://www.detgroennehus.dk/dk/default.asp (Danish)
http://www.fremtidensparcelhuse.dk/ (Danish)

Available files

Contact details

The Green House
Ole Alm