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Clear ecological residential area


Detailed description of the Good Practice

The process of drawing up guidelines for the new developments of Norra Kajen (North Dockland) has begun. Sundsvall's new city district will definitely be something out of the ordinary. "Our goal is to create attrcative dwellings that are unique both Sweden and the Nordic region", explainsChriter Ersson, Managing Director of Norra Kajen Exploatering AB. Within a few years Sundsvall will have a completely new district with 1 400 apartments, a daycare center, sea-front esplanade, small marina, cafes, restaurants, an art gallery, a recycling building, commercial premises, a hotel and some form of enetertainment activity

sustainable ecological building

Objectives of the Good Practice

to create attractive dwellings that are unique both Sweden and the Nordic region

Participants of the Good Practice

Municipality of Sundsvall

Target group of the Good Practice

inhabitants of the district

More Details of the Good Practice

The project will set an example when it comes to ecologically sustainable community building. The district's ecological profile is unique and cannot be found anywhere else in Sweden or perhaps eben anywhere in Europe. Both energy issues and thinking in terms of the eco-cycle are central here. The sun will be utilized, as will the sea, which will contribute to both heating and cooling. It will also be possible to create waste heat from Sundsvall's waste network. In other words, every apartment can be equipped with a waste disposal unit and the heat from the exhaust air can be recycled. The ambition is to create and recycle our energy within our own private system. At Norra Kajen we are looking for quality and the environment is our guiding star. The building materials that are used will be recycled and the surfaces will be chosen with care and be of highest quality. The modern apartment will be high-tech and almost all of them will have a sea view. The interior layouts will be flexible and adapted for life's various stages. Art, culture and socialising will also be an important aspect of Norra Kajen. However, this will entail more than just the experience of it all. Reseach shows a clear correlation between physical planning, well-being and security. The apartments will be ready to occupy in 2012.

Documentation and documents


Available files

Contact details

Mr Christer Ersson, Managing Director
Mobile +46706322613
E-mail: christer.ersson@norrakajen.se

Data sources and references

Baltic Cities Environmental Bulletin 1/2009