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“Northern initiative”

Detailed description of the Good Practice

Under the Programme “Northern initiative” projects of reconstruction of water supply and water disposal facilities are implemented in 4 municipalities: towns of Gatchina, Kirovsk, Pikalevo, Tikhvin. Use is made of state-of-the-art equipment and technologies of sanation of water supply systems and sewage collectors of Danish Company “Perarsliv”. The water supply system sanation in gatchina was carried out according to “pipe in pipe” method. Sanation of the sewage collector of Kirovsk town was performed by means of another method: “polymer stocking”.

Water supply, water disposal

Objectives of the Good Practice

Objective: reconstruction of water supply facilities

Benefits: reconstruction of the Housing maintenance and utilities facilities, access to high-quality process equipment.

Timeframe: from 2001 till 2003

Participants of the Good Practice

Housing maintenance and utilities board of the Leningrad region
Towns: Gatchina, Tikhvin, Kirovsk and Pikalevo.
DEPA (Danish Environmental Protection Agency)
FMoE (Finnish Ministry of Environment)
SIDA (Swedish International Development Agency)
NIB (North Investment Bank)

NEFCO North Environmental Financial Corporation (a structure of the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development), government of the Leningrad region also participate in the programme.

Funding of the Good Practice

The programme is implemented on the basis of joint funding by
• the budget of the Leningrad region
• ministries of environmental protection of Denmark (DEPA), Sweden (SIDA), Finland with participation of the North Investment Bank and “Nevco” company.

More Details of the Good Practice

On the basis of SUE “ZhKKh LO” a special division is being created and Russian specialists are trained to perform repair works on the equipment.
For example, Danish partners have supplied equipment for tele-inspection of pipelines on the basis of “Ford” vehicle, devices for identification of leakages in communication lines.
In the near future a complex of machines will be supplied for pipeline sanation by “pipe in pipe” method, such technique was used in Gatchina.
In addition, a high-pressure hydrodynamic “Scania” machine will be purchased for flushing of the systems.

The first pilot project that is supposed to be implemented in the first half-year by our specialists is repair of the sewage collector in Vyborg.

About 20 mln. euros are supposed to be allocated for the entire programme “Northern initiative” that involves, apart from the Leningrad region, other countries of Northern Europe. The government of the Leningrad region is preparing an agreement with the North Investment bank for provision of credit resources through the intermediary of the Vneshtorgbank of Russia. Sweden and Finland are ready to allocate investment resources in the form of grants for financing the projects of Pikalevo and Tikhvin after the NIB’s credit line is opened. They confirmed their intention at the meeting of the managing committee of the programme “Northern initiative”.

A preliminary survey is under way in Pikalevo and Tikhvin while the repair and reconstruction of the Housing maintenance and utilities facilities will be carried out with the grants, says the RBK. “Moreover,” said the vice-governor, “the issue is being considered regarding increase of the number of municipalities participating in the programme up to eleven.”

Due to the cooperation with the DEPA several boiler houses have been built in Priozersky district and waste treatment facilities in Ivangorod.

Documentation and documents

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