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Energy efficient healthcare


Detailed description of the Good Practice

The property stock in the Dalarna County Council consists largely of hospitals and other healthcare buildings. It is a question of operations that are ofetrn under way around the clock with technically advanced and energy-intensive equipment.
Landstingsfastigheter i Dalarna, whcih manages and develops the county council's properties, work hard to reduce energy consumption. The total consumption in the properties was 180 kWh per square metre in 2008.
There are several factors that have allowed Dalarna to succeed in cutting energy bills, A targeted and long-term energy management effort has had measurements and results follow-up as importnat components. In connection with renovations, investments have been made in new, energy efficient technology.

energy efficiency
climate change

Objectives of the Good Practice

to decrease energy consumption of the healthcaree sector in Dalarna
By 2010 Landstingsfastigheter should have lowered its energy consumption to 170 Kwh per square meter and by 2025 it should be down to 110kWh.

Participants of the Good Practice

company Landstingsfastigheter i Dalarna
Dalarna County Council

Target group of the Good Practice

healthcare buildings in Dalarna

More Details of the Good Practice

"Many of environments require cooling. With the help of heat-pump operation, it is possible to recycle the heat generated in the cooling process to heat up other parts of the building. The investment was made in frequency-controlled fans that allow hospitals to better adjust the amount of heat in the premises to ne need. Fans account for 30 percent of a property's electricity consumption, so there is a lot to gain," Stig Koch, Energy controller at Landstingsfastigheter explains.

Documentation and documents

Local Action on Climate Change - Swedish Eperiences. Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions

Available files

Contact details

Hornsgatan 20, Stockholm, Sweden
SE-118 82 Stockholm
+46 8 452 70 00
info@skl.se www.skl.se

Data sources and references

Local Action on Climate Change - Swedish Eperiences. Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions