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System of water and energy media consumption stationary monitoring


Detailed description of the Good Practice

The System...” was introduced for 2 to 5 years in chosen schools. It was totally executed by “Reus” Ltd. specializing in systems monitoring consumption of water and media. The aim was to diagnose and lower the so called basic input of electricity, thermal energy and water as well as correction of ordered power. After extinction of the contract and presentation of conclusions and results of the introduced system, decision will be made concerning possible propagation of the monitoring system in other buildings owned by the city.
In connection with possibility of limiting costs of electricity, thermal energy and water consumption Katowice City Board decided to implement Stationary monitoring system in 5 chosen schools.

energy efficiency
water management

Objectives of the Good Practice

The main aim of the project was to monitor electricity, thermal energy and water consumption in 5 chosen schools in Katowice. It was put forwards to managers of individual schools and to the unit managing water and energy media account settlements in most of schools – Education Units Service Group. The expected effect is to diagnose and lower quickly and cheaply basic inputs of electricity, thermal energy and water and correction of ordered power. The aim is to generate savings in the city budget.

Participants of the Good Practice

Education Units Service Group

Target group of the Good Practice


Funding of the Good Practice

260 000 PLN (about 74 300 EUR) was assigned for the project which was fully financed by the City. The Education Department of the City Board with Education Units Service Group is responsible for organization and coordination.

More Details of the Good Practice

While preparing the project, City Board officers presented the system to the President of the City, with information on the possibility of the installation of water and energy media monitoring system. A pilot system was proposed to be installed in a few chosen schools owned by the City. The City President accepted the proposal and “Reus” Ltd. signed a contract with a City and created the system according to the plan.

At the conference of Education Committee a representative of “Reus” Ltd. presented “An Overall Report on Media Monitoring System”. According to their assumptions, the firm representative estimated savings in the budget for the City in 2008-2009 would be 100 000 PLN (about 30 000 EUR) thanks to the introduction of the monitoring system. After the introduction of recommended steps concerning the limitation of energy and water, basic input and possible correction of ordered power, the monitoring system will be used as educational and a demonstration or in case of failures unnoticed by the building service. The system can be also used in constant control of basic energy media consumption in large buildings ( according to “Reus” Ltd. buildings in which media bills are higher than 200 000 PLN – about 57,000 EUR)
Critical Success Factors / Challenges

The key to success was to draw attention to necessity of monitoring energy and water media consumption in buildings owned by the Community and approval of Authorities concerning installation of the system. Considering the fact that after the building is diagnosed as far as water and energy consumption, the system is not useful anymore (in most cases) it is suggested that diagnoses of water and energy consumption monitoring be realised cheaper using portable monitoring systems with constant monitoring of invoices for media.

Documentation and documents

Pepesec Energy planning

Available files

Contact details

Daniel Wolny (daniel.wolny@um.katowice.pl), Supervisor, Katowice City Board.
Telephone: +48322593822

Data sources and references

http://www.pepesecenergyplanning.eu/archives/54 (Accessed July, 7, 2009)