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Platform of communication using portal, contest, guidelines


Detailed description of the Good Practice

The idea of the project was to build communication platform, which would provide information on energy and environmental issues for the Częstochowa region. The platform is aimed for use by the local residents. It is designed to be a communication tool between local authorities (decision makers) and citizens (all stakeholders). On the portal, there is interesting information on energy planning, as well as best practise guidelines. Along with advice and instructions for energy efficiency to be used at home environment. Additionally, there is a forum, where anybody can ask questions and share their own problems. As a part of the project, there was a “Mini-audit of my school” contest introduced students in the city of Częstochowa.

citizens democracy
awareness raising
ecological education
energy efficiency

Objectives of the Good Practice

The main aims of the project were:To introduce strategy and trends in energy management in the Częstochowa region to the public opinion;

    * To involve the local residents in the debate on energy and environmental issues;
    * To build the communication between local authorities (decision makers) and all citizens;
    * To invite the citizens to take action for rational use of energy, (Promotion of the energy efficient life style);
    * To inform, educate and exchange information and good practice of relational energy use on the local level,
    * To involve students in the activities for the dividing the energy use;

Participants of the Good Practice


Target group of the Good Practice


Funding of the Good Practice

City of Częstochowa funds (4 new employees); Grant from the Programme “Rising environmental awareness, strengthening the NGOs role for the building the monitoring systems” (Transition Funds Programme 2004, FEWE)

More Details of the Good Practice

The tasks which were undertaken as part of the project are:

    * Creation of a web page (portal)- www.energiaisrodowisko.pl; - project design, selection of data, web page and forum management, etc.
    * publication (guidelines)- there were two publications produced during the project:
      “Efficient and environmental friendly energy source – to reduce the low emission”, and “Renewable Energy Sources and its efficient usage in the buildings. To finance the investment”. Both guidelines are available at the web page;
    * A contest - “Mini-audit of my school contests” was introduced in schools at the region.


    * Rising environmental awareness in the region was noticed;
    * Rising interest in the regional energy policy with links to environmental issues was noticed;
    * Success of the education role of the contests;
    * Education and information in terms of behaviour changes to the more energy efficient and more environmental friendly;

Critical Success Factors / Challenges

The project is universal and can be implemented in any other region.
Importance of involving the local society in the energy planning and management process;
It is a good and easy way to influence the behaviour changes to become more environmental friendly;
Communication platform for different stakeholders of energy planning process;

Documentation and documents

Pepesec Energy planning

Available files

Contact details

Bożena Herbuś (bherbus@czestochowa.um.gov.pl),
Urban Engagement, City of Częstochowa

Data sources and references