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Karelian Methodology Centre for Children and Youth


Detailed description of the Good Practice

The main idea is to gather responsibilites for knowledge-based programs directed towards children and families in Karelia in one Methodology Centre. The use of programs such as Incredible Years, ART and FGC in Karelia are direct results of a long-term co-operation between Norway and Karelia, but in separate project partnerships. With one centre in place, all co-operation and running of the programs could be better coordinated and more efficient.

social services

Objectives of the Good Practice

To establish a centre for knowledge-based methods directed towards children and families, for improvement of cross-sectoral coordination, international co-operation, development and dissemination activities related to such methods.
Specific objectives/indicators i) to enter an agreement with Karelia on establishment of a multi-sectoral Methodology centre ii) to develop an organizational plan for a methodology centre; ownership, personell, assignment etc.

Participants of the Good Practice

Karelian Ministry of Education

 Ministry of Health of the Republic of Karelia

All children and families in Karelia in need of social assistance, or at risk of developing such needs.

Target group of the Good Practice

All children and families in Karelia in need of social assistance, or at risk of developing such needs.

Funding of the Good Practice

Norwegian Ministry of Health and Care Services

More Details of the Good Practice

Norway and Karelia has a long-term history of co-operation on developing social services to children and families, involving knowledge-based programs as 'PRIDE', 'The Incredible Years', 'ART - Aggression Replacement Training', 'Family-ART', and 'FGC - Family Group Conferences'. Implementation and evaluation of such programs has taken part in separate projects, involving different public sectors. In 2008, the parties discussed the idea of establishing a multi-sectoral Methodology Centre in Petrozavodsk, where all co-operation efforts for implementation, quality assurement and dissemination activites can be gathered. Both the Ministry of Health and Social development and Ministry of Education were very positive to the idea. From a Norwegian point of view, to assemble the responsibilities in one structure would increase the efficiency of travel and communication.
a) Increased efficiency in implementation processes of new programs b) Improved coordination of assistance to children and families between sectors c) increased efficiency in quality assurements activities d) increased efficiency in the Norwegian-Karelian co-operation communication. As of today, the co-operation involves 9 districts in the republic and requires a lot of travel from the norwegian participants. with a centre established, there will be only one communication point between N and K.

Documentation and documents

Northern Dimension Partnership in Public Health and Social Well-being

Available files

Contact details

Mr Bergstrøm Christian

Data sources and references

http://www.ndphs.org/?database,view,project,1382 (Accessed July, 8, 2009)