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Dematerialising municipal documents with ICT


Detailed description of the Good Practice

The Danish City of Kolding is striving for reducing paper use thanks to a sound use of Information and Communication Technologies.

The general contracts for IT equipment (copiers, printers) secure that products with duplex function are available to all institutions. However, the use of this function is not monitored. Thus the Mayor has initiated additional efforts to reduce paper consumption in specific situations. Traditionally the documents for the meetings of the Town Council have been circulated on paper to a very large number of target persons: the Members of the Council and of the different Committees, the director of the municipality, the press and the information manager, the libraries, etc. Not all the recipients are interested in – or have time to read these documents, and most of them are absolutely useless and probably quickly end up in the paper bin.

Now, a Mayor’s decree specifies that printed documents are only given to the standing Members of the relevant committees and the library. The other members of the Town Council and the Director of the Municipality receive them by e-mail and other interested parties can find them on the home page of the municipality.

This measure resulted in a significant decrease in paper consumption of the administration by about 10% in 2002. This corresponds to 1,800 kg of paper, 412 kg of which have been saved at the town hall. Still the potential for paper saving is high either by avoiding the distribution of unnecessary printed copies and / or by duplex copying.

Using e-mails and Internet not only reduce paper waste, it also increases work efficiency by reducing the need and time for copying and sending. It also ensures a much faster and larger communication to the press and the citizens in particular. However this approach also implies that the recipients behave environmentally consciously and print only the necessary documents.

sustainable consumption
awareness raising

Objectives of the Good Practice

to reduce paper use by promotion of Information and Communication Technologies

Participants of the Good Practice

City of Kolding

Target group of the Good Practice

Town Council

More Details of the Good Practice

Documentation and documents

Available files

Contact details

 Mr Per Bodker Andersen 

Mayor of Kolding
Municipality of Kolding -
City Hall - Akseltorv 1 - DK-6000 Kolding - Denmark
Tel. , ext. 2000 - Fax + 45 79 30 20 02

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