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Development of Latvian Health Care System Investment Policy

Detailed description of the Good Practice

In 1996, the Latvian government accepted the strategy for health care development, which set up guidelines for restructuring the health care system. These included the development of a transparent investment policy to provide sufficient and consistent funding for the health care system. Investment priorities had been set by the Ministry of Welfare, facing a number of conflicting demands and emergency situations hindering the implementation of the requested investment policy.


Objectives of the Good Practice

The project objective was to develop a long term, clearly defined and coherent investment policy for the Latvian health care system. The project assisted the government of Latvia in clearly defining the legal and regulatory framework for future investments as well as in selecting strategic priorities for services and equipment. This involved a clear definition of responsibilities on central and regional level and a more efficient use of resources. A training concept for staff was elaborated, and a monitoring system for post implementation follow up was prepared. Further tasks included the improvement of the transparency of the fund allocation system, a systematic co-ordination with the overall investment policy, and the establishment of a benchmarking system for the Regional Sickness Funds (RSF).

Participants of the Good Practice

EPOS Health Consultants GmbH

Target group of the Good Practice

Latvian health care system authorities

Funding of the Good Practice

World Bank

More Details of the Good Practice

Documentation and documents

Northern Dimension Partnership in Public Health and Social Well-being

Available files

Data sources and references

Northern Dimension Partnership in Public Health and Social Well-being http://www.ndphs.org/?database,view,project,522 (Accessed July, 13, 2009)