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Climate Protection Concept for a Renewable Wilhelmsburg


Detailed description of the Good Practice

From 2007 to 2013 the International Building Exhibition IBA Hamburg offers a unique opportunity in a kind of "city laboratory" to develop and test innovative concepts for renewable energy supply in an urban context. The testing ground at IBA Hamburg are the Elbe islands which offers the ideal urban, landscape and social preconditons. Furthermore, strategies for climate change management in architecture and urban planning will ebcome the focus of discussion.
In the Strategy laboratory "Climate Protection Concept for a Renewable Wilhelmsburg" a detailed implementation strategy will be worked in cooperation with local and international experts and citizens on the Elbe islands: striving towards an open and creative process of handling the islands's potential for renewable energy, energy efficiency and energy saving.
Concurrently, during the winter months the IBA campaign "100 Hamburg Energy Passes for the Elbe islands" will provid affordable help and advice for home owners in Wilhelmsburg on refurbishing existing buildings. IBA cooperates with the initiative Arbeit und Klimaschutz (Work and Climate Protection) project at the Ministry for Urban Development and Environment (BSU). This campaign simultaneously produces examples of refurbished buildings and collects representative data on energy consumption of the building stock. At the intermediate presentation in 2010, the experts's conference on the Climate protection Concept for a Renewable Wilhelmsburg will present the "Elbe Islands Energy Atlas" - an overview

sustainable development
climate change
renewable energy

Objectives of the Good Practice

  • Increasing the proportion of renewable energy and energy generated, step by step to "100 percent renewable"
  • Improving energy efficiency through combined heat and power (CHP) plants as well as locla and regional integrated network management system (Energieverbundsystem) and "virtual power plants"
  • reducing energy consumption by means of high standards of technical building equipment (new developments and refurbishments)
  • involving and motivating citizens on the Elbe islands through comprehensive communication measures and providing economic incentives for participation

Participants of the Good Practice

International Building Exhibition Hamburg
Ministry for Urban Development and Environment (BSU)

Target group of the Good Practice

citizens on the Elbe islands
enterprises on the Elbe islands

Funding of the Good Practice

International Building Exhibition Hamburg

More Details of the Good Practice

The first step is to accomplish neutrality for all construction projects at the International Building Exhibition, measuring their CO2 emission during operation. IBA projects should not raise the CO2 balance through an increase in greenhouse gases emissions. Unavoidable CO2 emission of new development will at least be compensated by reductions in existing projects and by increasing the number of renewable energy projects.

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Data sources and references

Climate factor Metropolis
Climation Protection Concept for a Renewable Wilhelmsburg