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Conception of Syzran town development for the year of 2020


Detailed description of the Good Practice

The basic document, determinative the Soviet town regional planning, had been always differing in its excessive correctness, that resulted in over-regulation of the town-planning process in the Soviet Union. The volte-face execution, economy reorganization, management democratization and other changes in public life demanded to reconsider principal positions of the general town planning scheme, starting from the basic conception and finishing with the concrete design documentation.
Together with the loss of the economy control levers, the Urban Planning Base was transformed answering the world tendency, which is inherent to the industrial urbanization completion phase.

The priority attention for this initiative was given to the Conception methodological base, including a new land development ideology demanding to reconsider the stage-by-stage urban planning system.
The Conception has for an object the urban development, satisfaction of territorial interests of all users.
So long as we set the needs of a human being above the interests of a town or a State, the creation of comfortable urban living for each town-dweller and possibility for him to take participation in urban planning activity are the highest priority tasks.

The town-dwellers territorial interests require normal social life conditions, that is the sufficient level of urbanization.
A town is one of the users of a territory and it is considered as a geographically- planning integrity, with its own genesis (origin), morphology and mechanism of land development. The stable development is possible due to the succession/continuity in land-use planning, that provides the town function concentration on the territory.
The regulating zoning principles, contributing realization of the human territorial interests and the interests of a community as a whole, have been developed on the basis of givining each factor a proper appreciation of:

  • Environment quality
  • Level of the territory urbanization
  • Concession/continuity of the urban planning.

The system ensuring regulation of urban planning is based on separation of zones with the different policy/order of urban planning activity. The order of conservation, maintenance, development of the highest urbanized zones, and also permission to use any form of empty territories development will not constrain the urban development.

good governance
urban planning
sustainable development

Objectives of the Good Practice

to elaborate the document that will meet requirements and satisfy territorial interests of all the users

Participants of the Good Practice

City of Syzran

Target group of the Good Practice


Funding of the Good Practice

City of Syzran

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