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Campaign "Change your habits for good, change your climate for the better"

Detailed description of the Good Practice

The main goal of the campaign was to involve Polish society in climate change issues through different channels of communication:

  • Increasing public awareness of climate change
  • Stimulating debate
  • Developing a sense of personal responsibility for the challenges of climate change
  • Changing daily habits

ecological education
awareness raising
climate change
sustainable consumption

Objectives of the Good Practice

10 October 2008 to 20 February 2009
Goals of campaign:
Educational: Education about climate change, energy saving, gas saving, water saving and recycling
Social: Building social awareness of risks of climate change and stimulating public debate on consequences of human inactivity
Economic: Demonstrating that consumer purchasing decisions can fight climate change while saving consumes money
Business: Raising employee awareness that reducing office waste and energy and adopting environmental management systems can positively impact climate mitigation
Image: Promoting green lifestyle in Poland as a modern and international way of life

Participants of the Good Practice

Ministry of Environment

Target group of the Good Practice


Funding of the Good Practice

Ministry of Environment

More Details of the Good Practice

Communication channels:
The campaign used a range of communication channels, including radio, television, newspaper, advertisements, Internet tools (e.g. You Tube), competitions and educational initiatives, to reach a diverse target audience and meet its wide ranging goals.

Documentation and documents

UN Climate Change Conference Poznan 2008

Available files

Contact details

COP 14 Team
Ministry of the Environment
52/54 Wawelska St.
00-922 Warsaw, Poland
Fax: +48 22 579 28 19
E-mail: info@cop14.gov.pl

Data sources and references