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Municipal sewage management


Detailed description of the Good Practice

Cesspool elimination program replaces outdated, leaking cesspools with house connection sewers, which will transfer the household sewage to municipal sewage treatment plan and to create an effective system of economic incentives for citizens to join the communal sewer network.

  • municipal sewage management and water protection in cooperation with local NGOs

Objectives of the Good Practice

Problem with household sewage in Chełm is both infrastructural and social. Not only have the existing cesspools needed to be replaced with effective municipal sewer system, but also local citizens needed to be convinced to switch from one system to another.

The outdated, leaking cesspools pose a problem for local environment and contribute to water and soil pollution. Replacing them with communal sewer system is a step towards improving environmental conditions.

The action was initiated in year 2001 and is still under way in 2007.

Participants of the Good Practice

The cesspools elimination program is an ongoing initiative, conducted by the municipal authorities of Chełm together with a local NGO – Local Action for Environment of the Chełm Area (LAŚ).

The City Office oversees the engineering works and LAŚ is responsible for promotion and awareness raising among the citizens.

Funding of the Good Practice

For years 2004 – 2006, municipal authorities dedicated around 4000 $ to the project, involving engineering works and social campaigns.

More Details of the Good Practice

The initiative to eliminate cesspool started in year 2001. It was prepared and executed by local authorities and LAŚ working together. Municipal office took care of the engineering works and provided some of the funds, while LAŚ worked on persuading local citizens to switch from cesspools to community sewers. The objective of this work was to create greater awareness of environmental damage, caused by the cesspools and threat that it poses to human health. Also, economic incentives for individual citizens for joining the communal sewers were implemented.

Documentation and documents

“Environmental protection program for the Chełm Area for 2004 – 2007"

Available files

Chelm_Poland.pdf77.21 KiB

Contact details

Mr. Mirosław Mysiak, City Office, Chełm, te.: +48 82 565 26 57, email: miro-slaw.mysiak@chelm.pl

Data sources and references