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promotion of car free transport


Detailed description of the Good Practice

To create effective means of conveying and popularising the idea of sustainable city transport to the society of Elbląg through awarness raising and participatory approach during European Car Free Day/European Mobility Week

In 2006, a range of events and activities were prepared, including: infomercials in the local TV, educational radio and TV broadcasts, direct promotion activities, participatory events for children (painting contests and the like), press conferences and public discussions, mass sport events (biking). On September 22, the final public celebration event took place, where people could take part in competitions and sport activities and learn more about sustainable transport.

  • sustainable city transport
  • awareness raising

Objectives of the Good Practice

The objectives include: To increase the general environmental awareness of Elbląg citizens and promote a car-free transport, benefiting the citizens as improved urban environment.

The City of Elbląg regularly participates in European Mobility Week, which takes place between 16th and 22nd of September.

Participants of the Good Practice

A Car Free Day is organised by the city authorities in cooperation with several local NGOs and community service representatives. There also is extensive local media coverage.

For example in 2006, a series of events and activities were organised and conducted, under a common title of “European Mobility Week”. The parties involved were: the municipality au-thorities, local schools, Youth Culture Center, Catholic Anti-drug Society, Polish Scouting As-sociation, City Guards, City Police, Students’ Sport Club “Nexus”, the Elbląg Trams Company and City Transportation Board. Local media comprising TV, newspapers and Internet portals also took part, providing coverage and publicity.

More Details of the Good Practice

The European Mobility Week and similar preceding events contributed to a greater environmental awareness among the citizens of Elbląg and increased the chances of introducing a sustainable model of city transport. However, it still needs changes in infrastructure, especially more bike and pedestrian friendly paths and streets, legal as well as economic incentives for people to choose public transport over cars.

Available files

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Contact details

Ms Jolanta Warzecha, Department of Public Utilities and Environmental Protection, Municipal Office, Elbląg; tel. +48 55 239 31 01, e-mail ros@elblag.com.pl

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