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Wetland cards

Detailed description of the Good Practice

Wetland cards are meant as educational material for nature education in comprehensive school. They are especially suitable for field use. The cards present flora and fauna in bays and shallow fertile lakes, and also their various stages of development. Each card describes the environment of the species in the wetland, its nutriments, and its enemies. There are 50 wetland cards altogether. Additional information on the wetland species and the use of the cards has been collected into the teacher's booklet.

ecological education
awareness raising

Objectives of the Good Practice

to promote the recognisability and appreciation of wetland nature

Participants of the Good Practice

Uusimaa Regional Environment Centre

Target group of the Good Practice


Funding of the Good Practice

Uusimaa Regional Environment Centre

More Details of the Good Practice

The guidebook "Retkelle kosteikkoon" contains excursion plans for various age groups, articles on nature guidance and methods, and information on the diverse nature in wetlands. The excursion models were created from the entity of four workshops which were participated by a wide and enthusiastic group of teachers from nurseries, schools and nature schools, as well as nature guides and representatives of environmental administration. As support material for the Retkelle kosteikkoon book, a video was shot on wetland fieldtrips of nursery groups, elementary school pupils and juveniles.

Available files

Contact details

Nature Conservation and Environmental Information
Ms Eeva-Riitta Puomio
+358 (0)40 532 8791
Uusimaa Regional Environment Centre
Contact details:
Tel. + 358 (0) 20 610 101
Tel. customer service + 358 (0)20 690 161
Fax. customer service + 358 (0) 615 008 29

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