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Geographical learning about local environment

Detailed description of the Good Practice

The acquisition of a knowledge of human and natural environments and their interrelationships with each other, the development of geographical concepts and skills and the acquisition of important attitudes are important elements for ecological education of children

ecological education
awareness raising

Objectives of the Good Practice

  1. stimulate children's interest in the environment and provide an enjoyable and active learning context
  2. enable the child to come to know the locality in which he/she lives,

Participants of the Good Practice

geography teachers

Target group of the Good Practice


More Details of the Good Practice

Before suitable learning activities can be planned for use in the local environment the teacher must decide the extent of the area and the potential it has to offer for the study of geographical features and processes. The extent of the local area should expand as the child grows older. In the early years much geographical work will be completed in the school and its immediate surroundings but by the time children are in fifth and sixth classes, local studies will embrace the geography of the county or of a large urban area. This progressive expansion of the extent of the area under study reflects the growth of the child's sense of place and his/her familiarity with a widening range of geographical concepts. It may also be used to ensure that progression and continuity are maintained in local studies within the school. Every area will have some potential for geographical investigation. In rural environments a greater range of natural features may be more accessible but in the areas surrounding schools in both urban and rural settings the results of human activity and human interaction with the environment will be evident in a number of features and processes. The exploration of this relationship between people and their environment should be central to geographical work in the primary school.

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Data sources and references

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