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Commerce strategy for the city of Oskarshamn


Detailed description of the Good Practice

People in Oskarshamn have been complaining about the shopping possibilities. More and more people go to bigger towns to do their shopping for clothes, shoes and other merchandise. Luckily, however, the shopping for food and other goods necessary for the daily living is developing well. About 112 % of family provisions are bought in Oskarshamn. On the other hand less tan 70 % of clothes, shoes, furniture etc is bought in Oskarshamn.

Three stakeholder categories needed to be involved in the strategy planning process: the customers, the property owners and the municipality

sustainable economy
urban planning
stakeholder involvement
quality of life

Objectives of the Good Practice

to develop the commerce plan for meeting the citizens' needs

Participants of the Good Practice

the customers
the property owners
the municipality

Target group of the Good Practice


Funding of the Good Practice

Municipality of Oskarshamn

More Details of the Good Practice

First the customers and visitors in the central parts of Oskarshamn were asked to give their opinion of different aspects of the central parts of the city. Some of these were the lay-out of the shopping area, the type of goods on sale, the opening and closing hours etcetera. High school pupils performed the poll at strategic places in the city.
Secondly the shopkeepers and property owners were asked similar questions in a questionnaire that was sent out by post.

The results from the surveys were put together into a report which was discussed at two seminars where the stakeholders were invited to take part in a SWOT analysis. The first seminar covered the Strengths and Possibilities part of the SWT and the second seminar focused on Opportunities and Threats. These seminars resulted in a joint venture where the municipality, shopkeepers and property owners share the cost of a developing project. A city development project is started and a city developing leader is employed.

Available files

Contact details

Bodil Liedberg Jönsson
Director for Community Planning
0046 491-76 47 42
0046 70-605 33 54