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Coexistence with the nature


Detailed description of the Good Practice

The issue of energy, its generation in harmony with natural environment is a matter of concern to Koszalin municipal authorities. The most important and at the same time, the most efficient company in the city involved in thermal power employment and processing, as well as a good example of harmonious coexistence with the environment, is the Municipal Thermal Power Company (MTPC) in Koszalin.
The strategic investment decisions being taken up in the company are constantly accompanied by the awareness of their influence on the city's and region's ecological balance. Consistently implemented by MTPC's long-term pro-ecologic activity policy has brought measurable benefits. Dozens of local boiler stations giving off smoke to city's atmosphere have disappeared. Their function was taken over by central heating stations with chimneys giving off smoke at over 120 m level. Purified and de-dusted flue gas is being dispersed at a vast area not causing any noticeable negative effects. Full and strict control of coal burning process allows the company to operate without being compelled to pay penalties for pollutant emission.

energy efficiency
sustainable development

Objectives of the Good Practice

to achieve harmonious coexistence of tehrmal power employment and processing with the environment

Participants of the Good Practice

the Municipal Thermal Power Company (MTPC)

Funding of the Good Practice

the Municipal Thermal Power Company (MTPC)

More Details of the Good Practice

The main MTPC's product - the heat, is being delivered to the customers through a network of pre-insulated pipelines. Heat production and distribution is centrally controlled with application of a unique telemetric system that allows for immediate reaction to any irregularities and standard deviations. Application of modern technologies cuts losses and this results in lower coal consumption, therefore, cuts down emission of hazardous gases to the atmosphere.

Consequently, the company enjoys a quantity surplus of carbon dioxide emission right granted to it. A natural consequence of the above-mentioned projects is obtaining by MTPC an integrated permit for environmental pollution. The company has obtained it at the beginning of this year as first in Koszalin and one of the first companies in the region. It was awarded concurrently with the Quality Management (ISO 9001) and Environmental Protection (ISO 14001) certificates. The achievements of the MTPC in the field of ecology confirm that company's activity serves well the air and water protection. This is a result of deliberate long-term action that had been formulated and entered in company's mission: "Friendly and ecological heat at the place and time as expected by customers".

Available files

Contact details

Ms Joanna Socha
City Development and Foreign Relations Department
phone: +48 94 3488797
e-mail: joanna.socha@um.man.koszalin.pl

Data sources and references

Baltic Cities Bulletin 1/2006
http://www.ubc.net/_podstrony/publications/bulletin/bulletin1_06/p6.html (Accessed October, 23, 2009)