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preparation for Climate strategy


Detailed description of the Good Practice

In Örebro city administration there excists several strategic groups that are responsible for one issue each. The issues (Environment/Climate, Public Health, Integration, Civil Society and Vision 2027) are parts of the overall steering model in Örebro.

Groups´ main task is to enter deeply into each issue and by that support the Municipality Executive Committee getting better knowledge and constructive discussions when it comes to political proposals and decisions.

  • cross-sectoral cooperation
  • working group
  • climate change

Objectives of the Good Practice

Combating climate change has been set to be in the political focus, and the objective of the strategy group for Climate and environment is to create a joint vision for Örebro and to get the municipality, citizens and business companies to pull in the same direction. The work aims to find a strategy to tackle the climate change and to review all administrative and planning duties in this respect.

When continuing the process for sustainable development in Örebro it is important to tackle and to understand that now the climate change is, and has to be, on the agenda locally as well as nationally. Also the necessity of integrating all dimensions of sustainable development needs to be understood.

All the strategic groups were built after the municipal election 2007.

Participants of the Good Practice

Two representatives from the majority and one from the opposition party are members of each group. Staff from the City Administration Office are employees in the groups.

With the support from external consultants Örebro municipality will make an inventory of ongoing actions and how the co-operation works concerning the climate issue in the Örebro-region. The municipality, but also the companies, the university and non-governmental organisations are included. Also the citizens view and commitment are very important to make visible and to involve them in the ongoing work.

Target group of the Good Practice

The strategy groups are a working method targeted to the city administration in general.

More Details of the Good Practice

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Data sources and references

Article in SUSTAINMENT Newsletter 2 "The climate issue – first to go in Örebro´s innovative thinking!"

Örebro Sustainability Management Centre Development Plan, www.sustainment-project.net