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Experience Lab


Detailed description of the Good Practice

Turku has traditionally been seen as a historical city that offers many opportunities and attractions for cultural tourism.
Analyzing the possible directions of development and innovation of tourism, the method Experience Lab was elaborated.
Living lab is based on the research method. The idea is to combine user-initiated multi-disciplinary research approach with real-life innovations born in the user community. The Exerience lab offers a renewable, user-initiated testing environment and frame, enables more reliable products that answer better to users' wishes
and requirements than before, makes the marketing and adoption phase of a product faster, brings product development and research closer to the consumer
This method combines expertise and state-of-the-art knowledge inside the experience labs.

stakeholder involvement
sustainable development
sustainable economy

Objectives of the Good Practice

Aims to develop a nation-wide and also international channel that brings together the consumer, research organizations, public sector and private business.
The objective is to create a real-life experience and piloting environment for assessing the contents, quality and attainability of cultural tourism destinations

Participants of the Good Practice

The creative fields, industry (especially sea industry), public cultural institutions, the local private business sector

Target group of the Good Practice

The users consist of the city inhabitants as well as foreign and Finnish tourists, employers and students

Funding of the Good Practice

Turku Science Park Oy

More Details of the Good Practice

Available files

Contact details

Project Manager Satu Kantola
Turku Science Park Oy

Data sources and references

ECTN 5th Annual Conference
http://www.turkutouring.fi/Public/Default.aspx?contentid=141986&nodeid=16678 (Accessed November, 9, 2009)