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Sustainable Tourism


Detailed description of the Good Practice

Realizing the importance of the sustainability of the tourism as an industry Moominworld takes into consideration three main issues of the sustainable aspects:
1. Management and conservation of natural and cultural heritage
2. Management of resources and waste
3. Sustainable management: corporate responsibility for competitiveness and job creation
More than that Moominworld company is always aware of the corporate social responsibility that means:
•Protection of surrounding nature
•Placement of new buildings
•Geothermal heating–system
•Waste management
•Town of Naantali awarded us a certificate of honour for exemplary operation in care for the environment
•Environmental evaluations
•Protected areas inside the park
•Covered paths in the forest

•Minimal disturbance to the local population•Organized parking
•Transport to and from the parking area

Commitment to developing and improving the Destination and co-operation between local operators 2006
•Naantali DQN (Destination Quality Net)

Emphasis on environmental friendliness when choosing
•partners and subcontractors
•building materials
•products, food & drink

Emphasis on customer & personnel safety during training
•first aid training
•emergency training (fire, missing children etc.)

Significant positive effect on local business and image
•Naantali has been selected as the number 1 tourist destination in Finland several years in a row
•Muumimaailma is considered as the 1 reason for tourists to arrive in Naantali (DQN 2007)

•Several international awards and recognitions
•Golden Pony award 2007
•Top 4 on world's amusement parks, Independent on Sunday, England 2005
•Exemplary company in corporate social responsibility in Europe by the EU Commission 2003
•Responsible entrepreneurship in 2004, the City of Turku and the TAD centre
•2008 CSR reporting competition – honorable mention (SMBs category)
Special focus to customer service and customer satisfaction
•comprehensive range of training manuals and guides for each task
•continuous measuring of customer and personel satisfaction

Children's education
•culture, nature, tolerance, values
•good manners (MLL, Mannerheim League for Child Welfare)

sustainable tourism
sustainable development
environmental protection

Objectives of the Good Practice

to make a low impact on the environment and local culture, while helping to generate income, employment, and the conservation of local ecosystems.

Participants of the Good Practice

Moominworld company

Target group of the Good Practice

citizens, tourists

Funding of the Good Practice

Moominworld company

More Details of the Good Practice

Available files

Data sources and references

http://www.turkutouring.fi/Public/Default.aspx?contentid=141986&nodeid=16678 (Accessed November, 9, 2009)