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Skåne: Rural Development Program in Skåne

Detailed description of the Good Practice

Urban and rural landscapes are constantly changing. The landscape of Skåne is created by the interaction of nature and man. The current development of the Skåne countryside is twofolded. On the one hand, parts of Skåne describe a rapid
urbanization with housing plots, shopping malls, industrial areas and infrastructure. On the other hand, extensive parts of the county show a declining population and poorly kept agriculture units.
The County Administrative Board in Skåne has in concurrence with various organizations, such as the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU); the Federation of Swedish Farmers (LRF); the Swedish Association of Local Authorities
(Kommunförbundet); Region Skåne; and the Swedish Forest Agency, produced a rural development program. (Skåne i utveckling 2007:10)
The Rural Development Program of Skåne is a regional development program where landscape characteristics encompass the basis for mapping natural conditions and formulating strategies. In this perspective the municipal boarders are ignored.
The model used for conducting the analysis is the English method formally known as the Landscape Character Assessment (LCA).
The Rural Development Program facilitates a regional overview, which calls for strategic action from all participants in order to promote sensible governance and sustainable development. Based on the collated knowledge of the complex prerequisites of the landscape, a number of guidelines are proposed in the program. Projects, investments, and actions that endorse these guidelines will be given priority when appointing grants of which the County Administrative Board is in
To promote a sustainable development of the rural areas of Skåne the objective of the County Administrative Board is to implement the program at a municipal level as well as national. The Rural Development Program is an important achievement for the implementation of the European Landscape Convention.

urban development
sustainable development
good governance

Objectives of the Good Practice

to promote sensible governance and sustainable development

Participants of the Good Practice

Local authorities
Universities, Associations

Funding of the Good Practice

Local authorities

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Contact details

Louise Andersson
Phone: +46-40-25 23 22
E-mail louise.e.andersson@lansstyrelsen.se