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An urban development through cultural events


Detailed description of the Good Practice

Vordingborg uses event making to meet the declining private consumption during the financial crises. Cooperation between the municipality and the urban retail trade has been established to avoid recession amongst the town's trade and industry. It is increasingly harder for the business to attract and maintain customers.
The idea of event making has been developed as an alternative method opposed to the traditional type of marketing through advertisement in newspapers, magazines and TV. The purpose of event making is to create a series of customer experiences towards a products quality and special features. It can be taken a step further by using the"urban branding".The core in urban branding is using the distinctive characteristic of each town. Together with 17 other towns in this region, Vordingborg is developing seasonally prolonged tourist activities. The events are all based on the town's specific historical background and cultural life.

First and foremost, Vordingborg is known for its old royal castle with the goose tower symbolizing its huge importance as Denmark's centre of power during the mediaeval times. The plan it to "rebuild" the castle using lightning fibre bringing the contour of the old castle alive with its many towers in its natural size located at exactly the same place as the original. Furthermore a maze of Christmas trees will be mounted on a neighbouring square. The event will take place during 11 -20 December 2009.

The cooperation of 18 towns has been of great advantage as it has lead to intensive marketing. A joint homepage www.kongeland.dk has been developed. Furthermore, the profiles have been sharpened strengthening the image of each town.

Stege and Præstø, being the other two towns in the municipality of Vordingborg, are also included. Stege was founded during the Middle Age prospering from herring fishery and the herring trade on the local market. This event will be brought to life at the harbour front in September. In May, the mediaeval town of Præstø will invite everyone to participate in the francophile spring festival emphasizing quality and notable activities. The francophile atmosphere will leave its markon the entire town and the charming courtyards will be welcoming numerous cultural and culinary experiences.

quality of life
sustainable development

Objectives of the Good Practice

to create a series of customer experiences towards a products quality and special features

Participants of the Good Practice

Local authorities

Target group of the Good Practice


More Details of the Good Practice

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Contact details

Ms Sune Hjorth Bach
Vordingborg Municipality
E-mail: suhj@vordingborg.dk

Data sources and references

Baltic Cities Bulletin 2/2009