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New solutions for development


Detailed description of the Good Practice

Not only during economic growth, but also during the crisis Jūrmala seeks new solutions for the development, and is doing its best to officiate its tasks to make the city a bright and safe place to live in. Working with the decreased financing is harder, but still it is possible. The new solutions have to be found and other methods should be used.
At the moment in Jūrmala a water management project is being implemented. The second round has started, and it will lead to significant improvements of drinking water supply and sewage collection and purification. During the first round a new iron removal station was built, the existing ones were renovated. Now, during the second round it is planned to reduce the proportion of sulphates in water which will also help to prolong the life of household equipment that uses water in its operation. The project will be finished by 2013 and 63% of the total expenses is financed by the EU Cohesion Fund, 12% -by Jūrmala City Council,and 15% by "Jūrmalas Ūdens" Ltd.

Moreover, the implementation of project "Development of velotrack Dubulti-Vaivari" has started - a new, 7.5 km long velotrack in Jūrmala will be constructed, thereby extending the opportunity for qualitative and safe recreation in Jūrmala. Another project "Reconstruction and renovation of Ķemeri park and its architecture" will reanimate the park of 9.3 ha area, in which the bridges and rotunda will be reconstructed, the water tower will be renovated, a new fountain, a playground for children, as well as a public toilet will be built.

Until 31 October the co-project of waste management company "Piejūra", the Environment Ministry and the EU Cohesion Fund is to be finished. The inhabitants of Jūrmala will be able to live a bit more "greener", because there will be 144 grounds for waste grading. It will reduce charges on this service, and contribute to the recycling.

On 3 October by the Kaņiera Lake a new bird watching tower was opened. It is already the second bird watching tower in the area on Ķemeri National park. The interest about nature tourism in Jūrmala is great. Sloka Secondary school for the sixth time was awarded a Green Flag that confirms that already in the school desk pupils are able to get information about the conservation of nature and its sustainable development. Jūrmala focuses on improvement of services it provides to the city inhabitants, as well as nature protection and conservation.

water management
waste management

Objectives of the Good Practice

to find new solutions for development of the city during the crisis

Participants of the Good Practice

Local authorities

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Contact details

Ms Ilze Borovska
Department of Tourism and Foreign Affairs
Jūrmala City Council
E-mail: ilze.borovska@jpd.gov.lv

Data sources and references

Baltic Cities Bulletin 2/2009