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Elblag Technological Park


Detailed description of the Good Practice

The main objective of the Elblag Technological Park (ETP) project is to improve conditions for the development of entrepreneurship and innovative undertakings.The idea is to create a platform of cooperation between authorities of Elblag, science and business. The Elblag Technological Park will also foster the cooperation between enterprises working within the framework of the Park, and science labs (applied information technology, wood technology, environmental protection) which will be situated in the Logistics Centre. The Park covers 67 hectares of new investment land in the new district of Elblag - Modrzewina South. The realization of the project will be beneficial for enterprises due to the access to high quality infrastructure on preferential financial conditions. The scope of services will include i.a. rental of offices, access to the conference room, access to the broadband Internet, car park. Moreover, the potential of the region in terms of innovations will be raised. Close co-operation between the scientific sector and the business will result in the increased number of inventions, useful concepts which can be granted patents. Scientific research carried out in laboratories will cause the improvement of competitiveness of companies working in the area of ETP.
Research will not be carried out in isolation from the market, which allows to commercialize the results easily. Scientific institutions will take advantage from the laboratories equipped with research and development facilities. Additionally, the cooperation with businessmen will enable the creation of the apprenticeship scheme for students and professional training for the brainpower of colleges and institutes operating in the area of ETP.

Also, the local community will be a beneficiary of the project. ETP will attract new investors which will improve the situation on the local labour market. New investments will bring additional income from taxes into the city's budget. The project will be realised by the Municipality of Elblag in 2008-2010. The overall cost is 67.129.331 PLN, the EU support: 55.588.012 PLN.

technological solutions
sustainable economy

Objectives of the Good Practice

to improve conditions for the development of entrepreneurship and innovative undertakings

Participants of the Good Practice

Local authorities

Funding of the Good Practice

Municipality of Elblag

More Details of the Good Practice

Available files

Contact details

Mr Piotr Rzepczynski
City of Elblag
E-mail: rzepczynski@umelblag.pl

Data sources and references

Baltic Cities Bulletin 2/2009