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Sustainable neighbourhood Eco-Viikki


Detailed description of the Good Practice

Eco-Viikki was built between 1999 and 2004.The district is situated at about 8 km from Helsinki city centre, near an extensive area of open farmland encircling an important wetland nature reserve, The Viikki Science Park and Helsinki University’s Biocentre.
The Viikki housing area of 6400 m2 consists of apartment blocks and row houses for 2000 inhabitants and services. The mix of housing types is typical for Helsinki: approx. 50% of the homes are owner occupied,15% are rented, and the remaining homes are right-of-occupancy homes.
During the planning and construction of Eco-Viikki exceptionally strict ecological criteria were set by external consultants mostly concerning five main issues:
· Reduction of pollutants (CO2, sidewater, site debris caused by construction, domestic waste, eco-labels)
· Use of natural resources (reduce fossil fuels, multi-purpose use of space)
· Healthiness (indoor climate, moisture risk control, noise, the wind-free and sunny qualities of the site, alternative floor plans)
· Biodiversity (plant choices and habitat types, storm water)
· Nutrition (plants, soil)
Strict environmental controls have been regularly carried out during the construction phase. The City of Helsinki controls the evaluation process as a client and supervisor.

climate change
energy efficiency
water management
sustainable consumption
waste management

Objectives of the Good Practice

· A display window of Finnish know-how as a result of ecological building trends and
· Support of National Program of Ecologically Sustainable Buildings Energy:
· Low temperature technologies
· Geo-thermal heating and RES - solar energy
· Wind- and solar-energy-boosted natural ventilation
· Wood-heated communal saunas
· Novel cold-storage solutions
· Reduction of CO2 emissions by 20%
· Water saving technologies (target: 40-50 l/person/day)
· Reduction by 20% (max 160 kg/person/year)

Participants of the Good Practice

citizens of the district

Target group of the Good Practice


More Details of the Good Practice

All the approved construction projects surpassed the minimum environmental standards set for Eco-Viikki.
· 2 local solar heating schemes cover a total of 10 properties
· Low energy housing design
· Co-generation based district heating network
· 200 m2 of solar energy panels
· 1,400 m2 of heat-collecting panels (largest project in Finland)
· Flexible and innovative timber construction techniques
· Use of natural construction materials
· Allotment plots for market gardening
· Combined housing areas with parks and green spaces
· Rain water use for gardening and green spaces
· Reduction by 10% of building site waste
· Renting of allotment gardens for residents
· Creation of Viikkari Park for children and young people
· Shared sauna and laundries in apartment blocks
· Construction of kindergartens
· Local commercial centre, various shops and restaurants
· Varied green spaces

Documentation and documents

http://cic.vtt.fi/eco/viikki; www.hel.fi/wps/portal/Helsinki_en/?WCM_GLOBAL_CONTEXT=/en/Helsinki;

Available files

Contact details

Contact person:
Name: Mr Heikki Rinne
Position: Head of project
Organisation: City of Helsinki
E-mail: heikki.rinne@hel.fi
Website: www.hel.fi

Data sources and references

Association of European local authorities promoting local sustainable energy policies
(Accessed January 12, 2010)