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Construction of three modern gas boiler houses in the Panemune area


Detailed description of the Good Practice

Before the construction of three modern boiler houses, thorough feasibility studies and financial analysis were conducted. Several advantages have been identified: reduction in fuel consumption, pollution decrease, easy and flexible maintenance, higher safety measures and improved esthetical aspect. Project was completed within the period of 6 months (April – October 2007).
Each of three buildings has been equipped with a separate small boiler house with a capacity of approximately 0,5 MW. Newly installed boiler houses run on a natural gas and the maintenance system is flexible (heat supply and hot water temperature can be regulated). Furthermore, they are fully automated and have all necessary alarm and indication systems. Therefore, there is no need for special personnel to supervise it. According to state law and safety measures, all three boiler houses
were constructed on the building roofs, which is much safer in case of gas leakage, explosion, etc.

energy efficiency
climate change

Objectives of the Good Practice

The objective of the action was the construction of new efficient gas boiler houses at three municipal educational institutions: “Panemune” Elementary School with Sport Hall (2700 m2), “Šilas” Elementary School (2100 m2) and “Šnekutis” Kindergarden (2200 m2). New boiler houses were meant to replace the old-type boiler house built in Kaunas during the Soviet times. It used to supply heating and hot water to all three buildings. Replacement was necessary, as the old thermal system was non-efficient, thermal losses were high due to the length of thermo pipes (150 m) and it was not possible to regulate heat supply and heating temperature.

Participants of the Good Practice

Main partners in the project:
Kaunas Municipality - leading role within the project, since all three institutions belong to local authorities; provision of financial support;
Joint stock company “Gylius and Co.” – responsible for maintenance of boiler houses,
monitoring and evaluation of data, fuel costs and the economic effectiveness
(recommendations resulting from collected data will be used while modernizing other
municipality-owned buildings).

More Details of the Good Practice

Financial savings – comparison of heating and hot water costs before (2006) and after (2007) the
installation of new gas boiler houses:
“Panemune” Elementary School: 5540 € (39% of pre-installation costs);
“Šnekutis” Kindergarden: 4450 € (33% of pre-installation costs);
“Šilas” Elementary School: 6850 € (42% of pre-installation costs).
Furthermore, due to the installation of new gas boiler houses:
Standards of hygiene have increased (hot water 24h / day);
Heat losses have been minimised, also because long thermo pipes are no longer in use;
Thanks to the use of eco-friendly fuel, impact on the environment is much lower (less CO2 emissions)

Documentation and documents


Available files

Contact details

Pranas Urbanavicius
Head Specialist, Energy Division
Kaunas City Municipality
LT – Laisves al. 94B, Kaunas 44251, Lithuania
Tel: +370 37 42 38 05 / Fax: +370 37 42 39 85
E-mail: pranas.urbanavicius@kaunas.lt

Data sources and references

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(Accessed January 12, 2010)