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Participatory budget in Örebro


Detailed description of the Good Practice

The purpose of this project is to develop participatory budget in Örebro. The project will develop and through practice, try methods for participatory budget as means to increase the citizens' involvement and responsibility. The aim of the project, besides increased citizens’ participation, is to increase the efficiency in the activities of the municipal and to have a greater knowledge of the needs of the citizens. The citizens will be involved in prioritizing resources in a limited part (traffic and environment) of the investment budget 2010.

The vision of the project is to increase the citizens understanding why priorities and decisions are made and to involve them in important matters concerning the development of the community.The target group is young people. Students from three upper secondary schools participate and they do it as part of their social studies.

Objectives of the Good Practice

The project’s resources
•The members of the project’s management group are politicians from the ruling majority and from the opposition. The Chief Executive Officer is also part of the group.

  • A project manager
  • Economists, information officers and other civil servants will be, when needed, included in the project group.
  • The network of SALAR (Swedish association for local authorities and regions).

More Details of the Good Practice

Available files

Contact details

For more information, take contact with:
Julia Runesson, Örebro municipality

email: julia.runesson@orebro.se