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Information campaign on waste management system in Kaliningrad


Detailed description of the Good Practice

Within the framework of EU INTERREG project ”JOCCOW – joint capacity concerning waste management” leaflet was published to be distributed among Kaliningrad City residents. The leaflet contains information on annual amount of waste generated by one city inhabitant, on the cost of waste transportation to solid waste landfill for deposing, the information on permanently growing tariffs on waste transportation related to the long period of the landfill maintenance, located in the village named after A. Kosmodemjansky and annual increased of landfilled waste. There is also a description of approaches to diminish the volume of plastic bottles and tetra pack which can be used by anyone at home which will decrease sufficiently the cost of waste transportation.
The choice of the village named after A. Kosmodemjansky as a place of dissemination was de-termined by the fact that the majority of houses in the village are one-family houses and high-rise dwelling houses. This fact is of great importance as presently each owner of one-family house should make a contract on waste disposal with transport company, the contract pre-scribes the actual amount of waste generated, while the owner of a flat in high-rise residential house pays particular tariff on using refuse chute and waste containers. That is why the knowl-edge of the main principles how to diminish the volumes of some types of waste will allow the owners of one-family houses decreasing the costs for waste disposal and will let to decreasing the volumes of waste landfilled.
The representatives of the Municipal Institution Ecological Center “EKAT-Kaliningrad” conducted a seminar for the pupils of senior school. The leaflets were passed to the seminar participants and the lecture on waste management system issues was presented.
The following topics were thoroughly studied during the seminar:

  • Current situation with waste management system in the city of Kaliningrad
  • Approached to decrease the volume of waste
  • Cost efficiency of the proposed waste management system introduction

Also partly the leaflets were passed to the heads of learning institutions of the village named after A. Kosmodemjansk: headmasters of secondary school #53, kindergarten, teenager clubs “Sputnik” and “Poisk”. The leaflets will be disseminated among the parents of the pupils and children from the kindergarten.

waste management
awareness raising
ecological education

Objectives of the Good Practice

to distribute the leaflets among people in the village named after A. Kosmodemjansky with the purpose of promotion of information on waste management and learning sustainable treatment of waste in their households

Participants of the Good Practice

the Municipal Institution Ecological Center “EKAT-Kaliningrad”

Target group of the Good Practice

children of the kindergaren
senior pupils of the school
students and teachers of the learning institutions in the village named after A. Kosmodemjansk

Funding of the Good Practice

European Commission

More Details of the Good Practice

Available files

Data sources and references

project ”JOCCOW – joint capacity concerning waste management”
Handbook on waste management