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Ecological technopark


Detailed description of the Good Practice

One of the priorities of Kaliningrad and its region strategic development is solving of regional ecological problems. Two of them – biogenic pollution of water bodies and lack of up-to date system of domestic solid waste and industrial waste management – are becoming nearly the main factors of decline in the regional investment attractiveness.
The landfill with its adjacent territory in the village named after A. Kosmodemjansk could serve as a proper place for forming a sort of park of technologies (technopark)
Such innovation technological park could be the place for waste processing and new technologi-cal installations creation, but also the place for research and training events exhibitions, etc.
Different facilities plan to be located within the ecotechnopark, united into common system of wetland-park and technopark on the base of the territory zoning.
Wetland-park is an essential component of ecotechnopark, is a system of artificial water and marsh lands, used for establishing chemical composition and physical properties of leachate water treated mechanically and biologically and for revitalization of leachate water to chemical composition and physical properties of natural pure water. Its infrastructure includes blocks of for economically efficient use of resort possibilities of such water, meeting of research, cultural, educational and ethnic demands.
Technopark is a structural component of the ecological technopark, is considered as research and technological complex, where all conditions for consulting companies, regional and municipal authorities, representatives of other regions of the Russian Federation. Universities, research institutions, banks and financial groups are created. The potential of all these organizations could be used for solving actual tasks of nature protection and sustainable development.

waste management
stakeholders involvement
good governance

Objectives of the Good Practice

The main objective of this project is to form a solid basis for very flexible, cost effective, techno-logically advanced, self-sufficient and comparatively independent long-term perspective system.

Participants of the Good Practice

the City of Kaliningrad

Target group of the Good Practice

citizens of Kaliningrad
Universities, research institutions

Funding of the Good Practice

the City of Kaliningrad

More Details of the Good Practice

Available files

Data sources and references

project ”JOCCOW – joint capacity concerning waste management”
Handbook on waste management