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Industrial Dynamics


Detailed description of the Good Practice

Industriell Dynamik (Industrial Dynamics) is a regional network in Västra Götaland, the purpose of which is to promote industrial companies’ growth and stronger competitiveness through more forceful exploitation of development potential and support for innovation. The aim is to strengthen renewal, growth and competitiveness in existing companies.
The backbone of the project is a network that at present consists of eleven institutions of higher education, institutes and technical centres in the region. Innovation specialists from the network’s members contact active companies, hold development discussions and conduct needs analyses, provide counseling and problem-solving, and contribute to starting major development efforts. Development must be driven by need/demand, not a company’s offerings.

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stakeholders involvement
good governance

Objectives of the Good Practice

The objective of the project is to develop a cluster of support services to SMEs in the region and to create synergies allowing the different actors to launch common projects.

Participants of the Good Practice

industrial companies in Västra Götaland

Target group of the Good Practice

The target group is industrial companies in Västra Götaland with at most 250 employees. Larger companies are not automatically excluded from contact and visits, especially not in contexts where the small and medium-size companies are concerned, for example in supplier chains. Some smaller companies that are members of groups may also be included in the target group because many of them operate under the same conditions as privately owned SMEs.

Funding of the Good Practice

The project finances the outreach activities. The companies themselves finance direct development work at market prices. The project will encourage and support smaller companies in making use of available public partial financing of projects, for example Region Västra Götaland’s consultant cheques and product development support, Nutek’s PU funds and Vinnova’s “Research and Grow” initiative, in accordance with the rules that apply for them, as a further incentive to get development efforts off the ground.

More Details of the Good Practice

Guiding principles are that the companies will:

  • Be offered help and support in line with their current needs and actual demand.
  • Have a low threshold in to the system and not be met by bureaucracy and will be approached actively.
  • Meet people with broad and relevant industrial experience.
  • Perceive every representative within the project as a representative of all players, not only of their own organisation.
  • Perceive the project as a stable, long-term initiative and have the possibility for exchanges when this suits their own needs.
  • Get a fast response.
  • Perceive the help and support they receive as well-balanced and of high quality and that the players take responsibility for their work.

Available files

Contact details

Marcus Nordanstad
Region Västra Götaland