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Capitale for Sign language


Detailed description of the Good Practice

In Örebro there are more than 1500 people using the service of Tolkcentralen, TC (Centre of Interpretation). TC is under supervision of the County Council and has more than 100 fultime interpreter, compared with Stockholm about 40. Örebro is the only city in Sweden who host all school forms ranging from preschool Kattungen (The Kitten) via Birgittaskolan, a compulsory school to grade 9, up to RGD/RGH ( National upper secondary school of the deaf and hard of hearing) and even include college level of education. Access to all these facilities means that many families have moved to Örebro. Many organisations and NGO s are therefore represented with national or regional centres within our city.

Objectives of the Good Practice

Increase accessibility for deaf people in their communication with authorities.

Participants of the Good Practice

Municipality, regional authorities and non-governmental organisations participated tot he work.

Target group of the Good Practice

People responsible for communication within authorities.

Funding of the Good Practice

Local fundings.

More Details of the Good Practice

Communication is an important tool to reach the target group.

Available files

Contact details

Ronnie Wirslund
Örebro municipality


Data sources and references

city of Örebro