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A true wind-power municipality


Detailed description of the Good Practice

Falkenberg has 35 wind power plants producing more than 50 GWh of electricity per year, which corresponds to one tenth of the municipality's energy needs. Furthermore, five times as much hydroelectric power is generated. Major expansions that will increase the municipality's wind energy production tenfold have been planned for 2011.

Falkenberg's success in investing in renewable energy was possible because of local politicians agreeing already in an early phase. Citizens' support was also considered as important and was gained through incentives and "smart planning".

renewable energy
wind power

Objectives of the Good Practice

Falkenberg's first wind power plant was built already in 1983. Increasing the share of renewable energy helps to cut down greenhouse gas emissions. The city is also planning to become a major "exporter" of electricity after the expansion in 2011.

Participants of the Good Practice

Municipality of Falkenberg
Favonius AB

Funding of the Good Practice

The municipality of Falkenberg and its own energy company initiated and prepared the project. Later on the municipality sold its majority share to the former partner Favonius AB.

More Details of the Good Practice

After the planned expansion at sea and on land, Falkenberg's wind power plants will provide 650 GWh electricity. The majority of this will come from a wind park of 30 large wind power plants 8-14 kilometres offshore. These are commissioned at 2011 at the earliest.

The public's interest was increased by inviting the residents to buy shares. For this end, the municipality of Falkenberg was active in creating financial cooperative societies, which quickly sold out. The electricity costs of member households have markedly lowered.

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Data sources and references

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