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Planning for flooding


Detailed description of the Good Practice

After being hit by Sweden's largest flood in 2000, the municipality of Arvika has increased its preparedness for extreme weather conditions by creating an extensive emergency preparedness plan and cooperating with many actors and organizations.

urban planning
flood protection
climate change adaptation

Objectives of the Good Practice

Better preparedness for extreme weather conditions and preventing flooding

Participants of the Good Practice

Municipality of Arvika
Swedish Meterological Institute and Hydrological Institute
Karlstad University
Energy companies
Norwegian local authorities
Swedish Rescue Services Agency
Swedish Maritime Administration
Geological Survey of Sweden (SGU)
Swedish Geotechnological Institute (SGI)

More Details of the Good Practice

In the end of 2000, Värmland's watercourses received three times as much rain as normal. The water level in Arvika rose 1.9 metres over the normal level and later the fjord rose by more than another metre. Homes, nursing homes, business and industrial buildings were threatened. Large joint rescue operation followed.

After the floods, a detailed report on the course of events and how to act if this happens again and a plan for emergency preparedness were compiled.

Comprehensive planning and reliable forecasts require data that is expensive to prepare. At the moment the municipality of Arvika has prepared material with the Swedish Meterological Institute and Hydrological Institute, as well as conducted own studies within EU projects Living with Flood Risk in a Changing Climate and Climate Proof Areas.

Municipality of Arvika has hired an environmental strategist and a safety coordinator in order to increase preparedness. Both of the experts are participating in the municipal planning process. There have also been changes in the management strategy, and now the rescue chief is responsible for both preparedness pland and the operational management of the protection efforts. All municipal operations are now in one large administration with three operations. The organisations is based on close cooperation, good information and clear action plans.

Municipality of Arvika is also participating in regional project Byälven to evaluate flood risk in the region and propose preventive measures. Furthermore, the municipality is working together with Karlstad University, energy companies, concerned authorities in Norway and many national authorities such as the Swedish Rescue Services Agency, the Swedish Maritime Administration, the Geological Survey of Sweden and the Swedish Geotechnological Institute.

Documentation and documents

Available files

Data sources and references

Local Action on Climate Change - Swedish Experiences. Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions. 2009.